The NuWave Moxie is more than just a high performance blender. With the Moxie’s NSF certified commercial quality and advanced vacuum technology, it's now easier than ever to get the nutrition you need and lead a healthy lifestyle plus so much more. See for yourself how the NuWave Moxie truly helps you Live Well For Less.
Airless Blending
By vacuuming out the air from the jar before blending, you can enjoy delicious drinks without any unwanted foam or loss of color and nutrients. Because the Moxie won’t blend air in with your healthy ingredients with the vacuum feature, your drinks and smoothies won’t suffer from oxidation, retaining their vibrant colors and vital nutrients. It’s just like choosing the vibrant, colorful fruit at the supermarket, now in blended form. You wouldn't want to buy that bruised apple any more than you'd want to drink dull, colorless smoothies. The Moxie delivers brighter colors without unwanted foam or oxidation.

“This is an innovative product. It has multiple features that are very easy to use and particularly the vacuum effect can help to prevent changes in the quality of the food and its ability to fight free radicles in the body. ” -Dr. Michael Messing, Diagnostic Radiologist

The 64-ounce BPA-free jar is perfect for blending delicious drinks for the entire family in one go. The intuitive control dial combined with the digital LCD display make it easy for virtually anyone to blend delicious drinks with the press of a button. As an added bonus, you can vacuum blend before you go to bed and enjoy delicious breakfast smoothies that’s just as fresh the next morning.

“The NuWave Moxie to me is an outstanding high-speed blender… I can use it for anything. I can use it for smoothies, I can use it for juicing, I can use it to make jams and jelly and nut butters, but I can also use it to make soups. I can also use it in place of a regular hand mixer, and in doing that, it much more convenient and it actually comes out tasting better. ” -Dr. Barbara Rocha, Doctor of Natural Medicine
Retains More Vital Nutrients
By blending in a vacuum, the nutrients in your ingredients aren't exposed to air. This means that important nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin A are protected from degradation. In fact, 3rd party testing shows that drinks blended in the Moxie retain up to 64% more antioxidant power after 12 hours when compared to drinks blended in ordinary high-performance blenders.
No Guesswork
With 7 convenient presets, you’ll never have to guess what speed or how long to blend when you use the NuWave Moxie. Whether you’re making healthy smoothies or nut butters or snow cones, the Moxie has just the right setting for you.

“The NuWave Moxie can help people have a balance diet and get their recommended daily fruits and vegetables leading to well-being overall and decreasing weight. ” -Dr. Karen Zimmerman, Internal Medicine Physician

Easy Cleanup
The NuWave Moxie Blending Jar is dishwasher-safe or it can be washed by hand. You can also take advantage of the Moxie’s self-cleaning feature built right into the unit for even easier cleaning when you’re finished blending. Just add some water and soap to the jar and turn the dial to the Clean preset and let the Moxie do the rest.
With the simple press of a button, the NuWave Moxie’s 2.5 horsepower motor kicks into gear and immediately blends everything from vegetables to nuts to frozen fruits and even ice quickly and efficiently.
“The Moxie is a true high-performance blender. With a 2.5 horsepower motor, high quality laser-cut hardened stainless-steel blades makes precision cuts. ” -Tom Jordan

Smooth, Even Results
Compared to other high-performance blenders with blades that get dull over time, the NuWave Moxie’s laser cut stainless steel blades are able to deliver smoother drinks and creamier nut butters without any lumps or grains every single time.

“The NuWave Moxie is a simpler way to incorporate more healthier food in your diet. ” -Dr. Sarah Sobotka, Registered Dietician

The NuWave Moxie has many safety features built right into the unit. The timer feature automatically counts down and will shut the Moxie off once it hits zero, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your Moxie running when you don’t want it to. Additionally, the Moxie will not operate unless the Vacuum Lid or Plunger Lid is securely in place. And if the lid is removed at any point while blending, the unit will immediately shut off giving you even more peace of mind.
Cook Soups From Scratch
The Moxie can turn raw ingredients into piping hot soup in just 5 minutes with the simple press of a button. No more firing up the stove and waiting for your ingredients to cook, the NuWave Moxie can do the cooking for you.
“The soup presets took care all of the work. In under 10 minutes the Moxie cooked these delicious soups! I mean look at that steam! ” -Jennifer Slimko
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